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Hope Through HatsTM

The Heavenly Hats Foundation(TM), a Wisconsin non-profit corporation is recognized as an exempt organization under section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Heavenly Hats Foundation(TM )collects and distributes brand new hats of all kinds to those heroes of all ages who lose their hair due to the treatment of cancer or the many other medical conditions which may cause hair loss.  The Heavenly Hats Foundation (TM) was founded by teenager Anthony Leanna when he was only 10 years old.

Since it's beginnings in 2001, Heavenly Hats(TM) has distributed more than 1,500,000 brand-new hats to hundreds of hospitals and clinics around the United States.  Thousands more have been shipped directly to individuals.  We also send hats to many other countries upon request.  We want to help every patient who is in need of headwear for warmth, comfort, courage and strength.

It's our hope and prayer that one day a cure for cancer and the many other illnesses that affect our family and friends will be found and eventually no one will be in need of a Heavenly Hat(TM), but until then we'll keep sending these special hats (and smiles) to our Hat Heroes. Thank you to all of our donors without you, we would not be able to continue on with our mission.

(Photo) Anthony Leanna the founder of the Heavenly Hats Foundation.



Hold A "Hat Parade" (click hat for more Information)

Invite your local schools, businesses or local organizations to help our foundation by holding a hat parade.  We are holding our  Annual Spring Hat Parade on Friday, March 7th, 2014 (or on a date that is convenient for your school or business) Please join us and help us help those in need!


If you are donating hats please send to: 1813 Coach Lane-Suamico, WI 54173

Please watch this video of one of our young hat recipients modeling her new Heavenly Hats.

Hat Hero Video (click here)


The photo above is one of our special "Hat Heroes."  "Kamy Bug" has lost her battle, but will forever be in our hearts.  Her photo will remain on this page as a reminder to all of us of how special she and all of the other patients are to us here at Heavenly Hats. 

These are a couple of recent thank you letters from a grateful mom and a teacher who requested some hats for her student:

At the beginning of the year I had sent a request for a hat for my 5-year-old son, Christian hoping it would help him cope with losing his hair.  Not only did we receive several cool hats, but a little teddy bear as well.  I cannot tell you what it meant to me the day my son woke up crying with clumps of hair in his hands.
  "Mommy I am losing my hair!" he told me through the tears.
I explained to him that the special medicine he was on was going to make all of his hair fall-out.  He was pretty upset but mostly because it wall all over his bed sheets and his clothes.  I told him he could wear hats to catch all of the hair.  Then I told him a teen-aged boy had sent him some special hats so he would look cool just like a big kid.  HE LOVED THIS!  He stopped crying, smiled and said, "OK!" with a little giggle.  I took out the package we had received from you and he dug through the box trying on every hat!  His little brother (only 3 years old) asked where his hat was.  Christian said, "Devin, these are special hats for kids with cancer boo-boo's in their tummy like me.  BUT LOOK!  There is a teddy bear...you can have that!"  Could I be more proud or grateful??
Your organization is amazing and we want to be able to give back in some way. 
Thanks again for all you do.  You will never know how you touch the hearts of so many!!

Dear Anthony,

I wrote to you requesting hats for one of my students at Oakland Elementary School. Jason has jaw cancer and at the present time is undergoing chemo therapy. He is having a really hard time and is really very weak.

Jason came back to school this past Friday pretty sick but so happy to be back at school! I gave Jason his hats and I wish you could have seen his smile!

I would just like to thank you for making a special little kid smile so big that his whole face completely lit up! If a smile could cure cancer Jason would now be cancer free. Jason is in the hospital today with an infection and awaiting a blood transfusion. Please keep him in your prayers and thanks for helping make so many people smile!


It is the heart of Heavenly Hats(TM) to encourage the patients by brightening their days.  Sometimes a Heavenly Hat(TM) will generate a smile, sometimes a new hat will give someone a reason to laugh and sometimes a Heavenly Hat(TM) will give a hero the courage and confidence to face a new day... and win! 

 Visit our Request A Hat Package page to receive a hat package for a friend or loved one. **Hat packages may take up to three weeks to process due to the amount of requests that we receive on a daily basis.  Our volunteers do their best to keep up with orders on a timely basis.  Heavenly Hats(TM) has no paid employees so all hats are packaged by volunteers and we sometimes can get overwhelmed with orders which may delay delivery of packages slightly, please be patient and if you do not receive your "hat package" within 4 weeks please send us a note and we will be more than happy to check on the status of your order.



1. Monetary Donations To Help Cover The Costs That Are Involved With Shipping The Hats To The Patients and Hospitals. Without these donations we will not be able to continue send our hat packages free of charge to the many patients in need.

2. Lightweight cotton hats, turbins, scarves or sleep hats for women. Actually any hats for women, we are very low on all styles.

3. Soft hats for young boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 10.





1. Be a part of one of National Hat Parades. Please visit our "Hat Parade" page and find out how your school, business, church or organization can hold a fun hat parade and help our foundation. Spring Hat Parade will be held on Friday, March, 7th 2014. See Hat Parade Information Page for more.

2. Adopt Hattie or purchase one of our other special items. 

3. Have your church or organization collect monetary donations for Heavenly Hats.

4. Theme your Bat/Bar Mitzvah for Heavenly Hats and collect brand new hats and collect monetary donations at your special event.

5. Make a monetary donation using our PayPal option on any of our pages or you can send your donation directly to: The Heavenly Hats Foundation-2325 Pamperin Rd. Suite 3-Green Bay, WI 54313

6. Have your club, school, business, church, temple or organization hold a fundraising event in your community to help support Heavenly Hats.




By Sarah Dawes, DCMS-81

SN Anthony Leanna isn't just serving his
community as a member of the Coast Guard
Yard Security Branch. At age ten, Leanna
started "The Heavenly Hats Foundation," a
program designed to provide new hats to
patients who had lost their hair to cancer.
The now widely successful non-profit
organization started small in 2001 when
Leanna's grandmother was diagnosed with
breast cancer in their Wisconsin hometown.
"The idea for 'Heavenly Hats' came to me
over Easter break after visiting my grandmother
during her breast cancer treatment,"
said Leanna. "I saw firsthand the seriousness
of the disease, and the effects it has
on individuals."
To first get the word out about "The
Heavenly Hats Foundation," Leanna
placed donation buckets in local establishments
around Green Bay with accompanying
flyers that asked customers to contribute
new hats to help the cause. The
community response was extremely
supportive, and soon the Leanna family
basement was overflowing with hats. As
the Foundation continued to grow, so did
the attention it received from the media.
"I started doing little interviews for local
television stations, hoping to get the word
out to people and companies in the area," said Leanna.
Soon enough, the mounting interest in Leanna's "Heavenly
Hats" began to catch the eye of national news groups across
the country. By making special appearances on programs
such as ABC's "Volunteers Across America," Leanna was
given the opportunity to continue the expansion of "Heavenly
"The media has been wonderful to me and has helped in a
huge manor to make 'Heavenly Hats' such a great success,"
said Leanna.
In December of 2002, Leanna was recognized by President
Bush as a recipient of the President's Student Service Award
an honor that recognizes students for accomplishing a certain
standard of community service excellence. At that point,
Leanna had collected over 6,000 hats - with styles ranging
from funky jester hats to more classic baseball caps - that had
been donated to over 60 hospitals and clinics around the world.
The President's Award isn't the only recognition Leanna has received for "Heavenly
Hats." He has been the recipient of The National Caring Award, The National Jefferson
Award, the ABC Real Life Superhero Award, and numerous others.
Though Leanna is currently stationed at the Yard, "Heavenly Hats" is still going strong
thanks to help from the company's Executive Board of Directors. With Leanna's mother,
DeeAnn, heading up the foundation as President and Chairman of the Board, "Heavenly
Hats" continues to receive support from companies and individuals nationwide. The
Leanna's have now donated over a million hats that have improved quality of life.
"I have met with many patients and received many emails and letters from them, and
without that contact, 'Heavenly Hats' would not have been as successful as we have
been," said Leanna. "It's their courage to get through this horrible disease that inspires
us to help as many people as possible."



Please visit our EVENT PAGE for exciting upcoming events which involve Heavenly Hats(TM).





Please be sure to visit our  DONOR PARTNERS under the "hat angels" section of our website.  There is no doubt that without these generous businesses and individuals we would not be able to continue to help the many patients in need. A special thank you for the kindness shown by all who have donated.


Skyline Technologies

Hawkins, Ash, Baptie & Company, LLP

Ace Manufacturing Specialists

Green Bay Packaging, Inc.

Green Bay Packers

Callaway Golf


Bollman Hat Company

Physician Endorsed


Echo Design Group


This Heavenly Hats(TM) site provides links to other internet sites as a convenience for its visitors.  The Heavenly Hats Foundation, Inc.(TM) is not responsible for any of the views, content or availability of these external sites, nor does the Heavenly Hats Foundation, Inc.(TM) warrant or guarantee the information, services or products described or offered at these other internet sites.







ATTENTION: Anthony D. Leanna
1813 Coach Lane

Suamico, WI 54173



MAIN OFFICE: 920-362-2668

A special thank you to Ace Manufacturing of Green Bay who has been generous enough to donate office and storage space  and to Green Bay Packaging of Green Bay, WI who has also kindly donated Heavenly Hats(TM) warehouse space for our out of season hats and has donated custom boxes to ship the hats.  Thank you both very much without the generosity of these businesses we would not be able to continue on with our mission to help all of the cancer patients in need.







Please note that any hat donations must be BRAND-NEW due to the low immune systems of our recipients.